Who are we?


The “PrayerNetwork.be” is a network of people who have prayer for Belgium in their heart. It was founded as “Prayer Network Flanders” in 1998 when several people in Flanders felt the need for a prayer movement.

We want to mobilize intercessors (motivate), train them (teach, practice) and coordinate them (bring them together around the same prayer goals)
What do we do?

  • We organize days or nights of prayer, prayer actions or walks, seminars etc.
  • We work with other national, international and local prayer organizations for special initiatives (times of fasting, prayer nights, prayer marches, election initiatives…)
  • We send an e-mail prayer newsletter with articles, information, tips and concrete prayer subjects.
  • We have established a common list of prayer subjects which will enable us to all pray in the same direction for Belgium.
  • We do spiritual research into the state of our land and have put together a file to pray in a more directed, informed and intelligent manner. (“Prayer for Flanders” File)
  • We stimulate local and regional prayer groups across their church borders: we encourage all Christians to meet to pray for their city, region or province.
  • We also stimulate small prayer groups (two or three), to pray together with the same prayer partner(s) one hour a week.
  • We have established a 24/7 prayer chain to cover Belgium under prayer.
  • We work closely together with “Prayer platform Flanders” (the prayer arm of the Evangelical Alliance Flanders)
  • Another (trilingual) website which is more specifically directed to prayer for Belgium is: www.pray4belgium.be . You will find information (in three languages!) such as the yearly Prayer March in Brussels, the Global Day of Prayer, the Day of Prayer for the European Union (first Sunday in May), the yearly Month of Prayer (October) and prayer initiatives around the elections.

For further information please contact us on:
PrayerNetwork.be, Achille Detiennestraat 38, 1030 Brussels

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